Yuna's 3rd Birthday!

Living in Seattle as a dog owner is a huge blessing. The city just spoils dogs.

March 4th, 2019

Yuna is 3!!!!!!!

This article comes one day after Yuna’s actual birthday, March 3rd.

A quick note, I am not sure whether or not Yuna was really born on March 3rd!

I adopted Yuna on September 1st, 2018. She was 2.5 years old as claimed from my rescue. I took her for grooming and vet checkups on September 3rd. This was when my local Petco and vet put her on record as being 2.5 years old on September 3rd.

So I just scheduled her birthday for March 3rd from now on!

This is just a fun short article to share how we celebrated it!


Oh, just get this photoshoot over with already, I want to eat this cake.

For Yuna’s third birthday, it only makes sense that she get three presents!

The first comes in perhaps her favorite form–food.

Living in Seattle as a dog owner is a huge blessing. The city just spoils dogs.

Glad we got a smile out of her even with something on her head!

One local business, The Seattle Barkery, is the epitome of this. We had previously found out about this little dog food truck through an event, and Yuna has gotten to try a few of their regular treats.

However, now was the perfect time to try one of their birthday cakes!

I ordered a small one (which is still quite large in my opinion), covered in Yuna’s favorite–peanut butter glaze.

Doesn't this cake look freakin amazin?

The cake is really aesthetic and mouth-watering. It is customizable to include your dog’s name and age.

Honestly, I really wanted to give the cake a try myself (but I held myself back and just had a little taste of the peanut butter glaze).

By the time this post goes live Yuna will have already finished about half of this thing. I’ve been feeding her one fourth of the cake each day.

The second present was a new birthday cake plush toy. It’s soft, it squeaks, and it was a great addition to Yuna’s toy box.

Every new object needs a thorough sniffing, of course!

Last but not least, we had previously won a Whistle 3 from an Instagram giveaway back during the Christmas holiday season. It finally arrived!

We will be giving it a try real soon, and writing a full review of it once we’ve explored all the features.

The Special Day

Most of the day was actually pretty much just like any other day. Woke up around the same time, and followed the same morning routine.

However, I cut her breakfast portion a bit (regular kibble), because I fed her another piece of the delicious cake. Cake for breakfast… what a spoiled dog.

I had quite a bit of photos to edit and work to get done, so Yuna stayed inside the whole morning and early afternoon.

By around 2, Yuna was itching to enjoy the brilliant Seattle weather.

We decided to head for the off-leash dog area at Magnuson Park. This park is always one of our favorites to go to–the off-leash area is just so large and full of dogs and toys and obstacles.

Yuna is not normally very vocal, but the moment we pulled into the parking lot she was whimpering and whining at all the dogs she saw.

She could not wait to get into the park.

Once in, she ran wild. Met perhaps a hundred dogs that day, did her fair share of sniffing, even went for a little splash in the water to fetch balls and chase other dogs. We spent almost two hours at Magnuson!

(Sorry, no photos of the event, although we did get some nice bits in our Instagram story! I wanted to be present with Yuna during this park adventure.)

We came home as one tired human and one dirty dog. After giving her a thorough wipe down with a towel I got cracking at Yuna’s next birthday event–a home cooked dinner.

On the menu today was a cup of rice, a little over a cup of beef slices, a handful of green beans, and a well cooked egg.

I don't cook nearly as often as I would like to for Yuna. I tried to make this meal still healthy and balanced despite it being a treat. 🙂

Of course, I wasn’t seasoning anything so it would have been really bland for a human, but saliva was dripping down Yuna’s mouth as I was taking a photo of the meal.

As expected, Yuna wolfed down the beef first, then the egg. She seemed to reject the green beans at first, spitting them outside the bowl. But once all the proteins were gone she gave each bean a second chance and accepted them into her stomach as well.

She finished with all the rice and licked the bowl clean. Hope she really enjoyed it!

Lip smacking after an awesome meal and birthday 🙂

Since Yuna already got a slice of cake in the morning and her dinner was pretty heavy, I didn’t give her any additional treats. Hope she doesn’t get stomach upset tomorrow!

So Yuna is one year older, but we’ll see if she actually acts it!

Be sure to follow Yuna’s Instagram for more daily updates on her life as a three-year old!

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