Star Wars Dog Bandana Set By Rubie’s

May 4th, 2020

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A dog looking super happy on a beautiful sunny day.

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At the time of this post, it’s been a good 43 years since the first Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope.

Still, the Force is with us. Always!

This Star Wars Day, we’re still under lockdown due to the ongoing global pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped us from sporting some new bandanas in our neighborhood walks.

Today, we show off a Star Wars dog bandana set by costume manufacturer Rubie’s. Whether your dog is on the Light Side or the Dark Side, there’s a bandana here for them.

Star Wars Duality

A key theme in the Star Wars series is the duality between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. Given that, you would expect that duality in the bandanas as well, right?

Well, sort of. While the bandanas are double-sided, they don’t actually reflect the Light vs. Dark duality.

It’s a bummer, really. But the designs are still pretty good. See for yourself!

The front side of the Star Wars bandana set by Rubie's.
Front sides!
The back side of the Star Wars bandana set by Rubie's.
Back sides!

It seems like the Dark Side is slightly underrepresented, because Chewbacca hogged an entire bandana. Oh well.

Bandana Type & Sizing

Note from the pictures that these bandanas are meant to be tied around your dog’s neck.

Personally, we prefer bandanas with an opening that fits through a collar. They tend to stay on Yuna more reliably, and the extremes of the bandanas don’t stretch out and become too hard to see.

This really mattered for us, because we thought we could get away with the Small/Medium bandana size. Spoiler alert for the pictures ahead: they were too small.

This caused some of the patterns to become lost in Yuna’s neck rolls. It’s completely my fault–we should’ve gotten the larger size.

Keep this in mind if you’re thinking of getting this bandana set!

Bandana 1: Classic Star Wars Logo

The first dog bandana in the set is this classic Star Wars logo! We liked the front side–personally, I think black always looks better on Yuna.

A dog smiling widely in front of a tree and a brilliant blue sky.

The back side is for fans of the Empire. It’s a repeating pattern of Storm Troopers and Darth Vaders, against a colorful rainbow background.

The colors kind of threw the whole thing off. Sure, it matches the front side of the bandana, but I wouldn’t associate the Dark Side of the force with all these bright colors.

Bandana 2: Chewbacca

The second bandana was hijacked by everyone’s favorite Chewbacca. The colors are also decidedly Chewbacca–and unfortunately, brown just doesn’t look too great on Yuna.

So, we weren’t really fans of this one, but that’s not a hit against Chewbacca!

The flip side of the bandana is a cute repeating pattern of Chewbacca against a white background–we liked this one more and messed around with it a bit.

A yellow Lab nibbling on a Chewbacca-themed bandana.

Bandana 3: Yoda & Friends

The front side of this bandana reads “judge me by my size, do you?” in traditional Yoda speak.

Yeah, it would make a little more sense for smaller dogs, but Yuna sported it just fine. The words got a little lost in her skin rolls, though.

A dog smirking, wearing a Disney Star Wars bandana that reads, "Judge me by my size, do you?"
Yuna's beautiful snoot.

The back side features some of Yoda’s friends (and enemies): C3PO, R2D2, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and the legendary Jedi master himself.

May The Force Be With You!

Here’s Yuna modeling some of these designs around our neighborhood.

Get the bandanas here!
[Amazon] Star Wars Classic Pet Bandana Set, Medium/Large
[Rubie’s] Star Wars Pet 3 Piece Bandana Set Accessory


We live in great times. Even our dogs can help us show off our Star Wars fandom. Happy Star Wars Day!

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