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Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl Product Review

Dogs are hungry animals. Sometimes, so hungry that they bite more than they chew… literally! Slow ’em down with this slow feeder bowl from Outward Hound.

March 22nd, 2019

Note: This review is for the Regular size (4 cup capacity) of the Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl. This review contains affiliate links. I have no specific business relationship with Outward Hound as of this writing.

Dogs are hungry animals. Sometimes, so hungry that they bite more than they chew… literally!

Some dogs just eat too fast for their own good. In fact, many dog owners will sympathize with the experience of putting the dinner bowl down only to see their dog gobble it up in two minutes or less.

Eating quickly was probably a necessary skill for our dogs’ ancestors to develop in order to survive. Wild dogs knew they were not guaranteed their next meal, and as such they ate quickly and heartily whenever they had the luxury to do so.

But that was a different time. Our dogs don’t roam the wild hunting down food.

As responsible dog owners, we’ll never allow our dogs to go hungry. We put them on consistent feeding schedules. So there’s no reason for our dogs to eat unnecessarily quickly.

In fact, eating too quickly could actually be harmful for your dog. They could choke on their food or end up regurgitating their entire meal.

In addition, eating quickly has been linked to obesity issues as well as canine bloat.

Luckily, there is an easy way to slow down your dog’s eating: Outward Hound’s Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl.

If your dog struggles with eating too quickly, read on to find out how the Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl can solve this problem and provide additional mental benefits for your dog as well!

Slower eating = healthier dog = happier dog!

Introducing The Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl

The concept of the Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl is simple. These bowls feature ridges in the bowls to create obstacles for your dog to maneuver around as they eat.

Credit to Outward Hound

The ridges prevent your dog from taking huge bites from their food bowl. They also require your dog to work a little harder for each piece of food.

As of this review, there are a couple available shapes to choose from–they come in maze, flower, spiral, or circular patterns.

Everything is designed to slow down your dog’s eating, and Outward Hound claims it can lengthen meal time by a factor of 10.

Credit to Outward Hound

Let’s test out this claim and walk through the additional features of the Slo-Bowl, as well as Yuna’s personal experiences with it!

First Impressions

Prior to introducing Yuna to the Slo-Bowl, she had been eating from a normal bowl for over three months.

The first Slo-Bowl we bought was the blue maze pattern bowl.

Understandably, the first time we brought it out, Yuna was visibly confused. She started working on getting the food slowly, and seemed frustrated when she couldn’t reach some of the food nestled between the ridges.

She would constantly look up from her food bowl up at me as if to protest the ridges, and walked away from the bowl multiple times.

Yuna's face looked something like this the first time we introduced the Fun Feeder Slo-Bowls.

Eventually, she finished her usual portion in about 20-25 minutes or so from the Slo-Bowl. This is a significant improvement from the 2-3 minute meal time she had before, and really was a factor of 10 improvement.

I was very happy that the Slo-Bowl was able to slow Yuna down. With her history of pancreatitis as well as regurgitating her food occasionally, I had to resort to hand-feeding her meals. The Slo-Bowl was literally able to take that work off my hands.

Additional Features

Credit to Outward Hound

One nice thing about the Slo-Bowl is that it’s light–it’s made of food safe ABS plastic.

This makes it very light to carry around if you go on a vacation with your dog. Officially it is listed at around 1.7 pounds.

However, note that at the same time, these bowls are larger than your average bowl, and impossible to stack due to their shape. It can be harder to fit these into your travel packs and bags.

The specs of the regular blue maze Slo-Bowl is listed by Outward Hound as 12.5” l by 11” w by 2” h.

This Slo-Bowl can hold up to 4 cups of food and works well for dry and wet diets.

The Slo-Bowl as a non-slip base to prevent the bowl from moving around as your dog goes to work on it. This is very useful for preventing messes and keeping the bowl in place on hard floors.

Finally, another plus of this bowl is that it’s top-rack dishwasher safe.

However, I personally do not use the dishwasher at all. For people like me who wash their dog’s bowls by hand, note that while the ridges slow your dog’s eating down, they’ll also slow your dishwashing down!

In addition, you may need to get smaller sponges or a special “sponge on a stick” to make sure you thoroughly clean all ridges of the bowl.

Additional Experiences

We’ve been using the Slo-Bowl at least once per day for three months now. It is still doing its job reliably in stretching out Yuna’s meal time.

However, definitely expect that your dog will figure out the bowl after a while. After all, our dogs are intelligent creatures and no obstacle will stump them forever, especially when it has to do with the ever-so-precious food!

What took upwards of 20 minutes the first few times decreased steadily to around 8-10 minutes today.

Needless to say, Yuna has really a lot better at eating from this bowl.

In an attempt to try and stump her further, I purchased a second Slo-Bowl, this time with the flower pattern.

Again, at first, she didn’t seem to appreciate the new obstacles that much, but she also figured out the bowl after just one or two weeks.

So yes, the bowl definitely has the potential to lengthen meal time by up to 10x in the beginning, but your dog can and will speed back up over time.

Still, I’m sure many pet owners would still be happy with this increase in meal time, especially since it also keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Credit to Outward Hound

I mix up which bowl I use to feed Yuna with every meal to try and prevent her from getting too used to one pattern.

If your dog continues eating very quickly, I would consider buying multiple bowls and spreading the food portion out equally among the bowls. Spreading it out like this will force your dog to explore each little ridge to finish all the food.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am very happy with this product. Yuna has not regurgitated once since we’ve switched to these slow feeders.

The importance of slowing down your dog's eating!

Yuna often choked on her food when eating too fast. She even chokes on water occasionally (maybe it’s just because she forgets to stop and breathe). Just knowing that she’s taking longer to eat her meals makes me less uneasy.

If you need your dog to slow down while eating, you can’t go wrong with the Slo-Bowl. It will produce results instantaneously, while providing mental stimulation for your dog as they eat.

You can get the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl from Amazon here–they may currently have deals where the prices are marked down. However, it may not always have the full selection of bowl patterns.

You can also get it from Outward Hound’s official website which is sure to sport all the available patterns whenever they’re in stock.

Be sure to follow Yuna’s Instagram for additional daily updates!

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