Monsters, Inc. Themed Dog Collar & Bandanas by Disney Tails

October 25th, 2020

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Side view of a yellow Lab showing off her Monsters, Inc. dog collar.

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Is your dog an adorable little monster? Today, we’re showing off the perfect Monsters, Inc. themed dog collar and bandana set just for them!

It’s sure to help them rack up those scare points. And cute points as well!

Monsters, Inc. Dog Collar

Let’s begin with the wonderful collar. This one features an alternating combo of Sulley and Mike, the tag team Monsters, Inc. duo.

Closeup of the Disney Tails Monsters, Inc. dog collar.

Looks like Yuna really enjoys showing off the collar! The light and dark blue colors will look great on just about any dog.

Each size is highly adjustable, but you should still buy the best size according to your dog’s neck girth. Yuna’s sporting a size medium here, which shopDisney says is for dogs with neck sizes 13 ¼’’ to 20’’.

This nylon collar has also got a sturdy D-ring that will handle most dogs.

However, since the width of the collar isn’t that big (about ¾’’), this may not be enough to withstand a heavy puller!

Little Monster Bandana

Most dogs are a balanced mix of cute little angel and naughty little devil. Bring out the best of both sides with this “Little Monster” bandana.

A picture of a dog showing off a cute snarl.

Disney Tails couldn’t resist replacing the “O” with Mike Wazowski–good choice, if you ask us.

The rest of the letters are donned in Sulley’s fur, with those recognizable purple polka dots. Don’t miss the little horns on the ends!

A dog looking alert as she shows off her Little Monster bandana.

As with all the bandanas produced by Disney Tails, these bandanas have a sleeve at the top where you slip the collar through before buckling it onto your dog. This well ensures that the bandana won’t come off.

This design in particular is made of pretty thin fabric, and so it was a little hard to straighten out fully for all these pictures. We also have all of Yuna’s flappy neck rolls to blame, though.

A dog with her paws up on an outdoor table, as if she's having lunch with you!

Cuddle Monster Bandana

Don’t want to go the spooky route? This one is all cute and wholesome, featuring a cute artwork of Sulley and Boo against the “Mike Wazowski green.”

A cute yellow Lab in her bed, with a pink piggy plush companion.

Yes, Yuna is ready to cuddle with her little piggy.

There are pink letters at the top that read “Cuddle Monster,” but since they are printed directly on the bandana sleeve, it was a struggle to photograph.

A dog looking impatient as she poses for the camera, eager to begin exploring the park!

Here was our best attempt. If only Yuna didn’t have so many neck rolls…

Personally, we love the Sulley and Boo design, but the light green color didn’t seem to work with Yuna. And it was a bummer that nobody could see the Cuddle Monster words at the top.

Probably our least favorite design out of the three in the set, but it still makes Yuna jump for joy.

A dog standing on her hind legs, posing for the camera.

Sulley Bandana

We’ve saved the best for last (in our opinion). This one features Sulley’s face!

A dog overseeing a small beach, just taking in the views.

Not sure why Disney Tails chooses different materials for the bandanas in this set, but this one is easily the highest quality one out of the three.

Unlike the thin fabric of the previous two bandanas, this one is made out of velour, a soft woven fabric that honestly was very nice to feel and touch.

Perhaps Disney Tails wanted the Sulley bandana to feel like his own plushy soft fur?

This bandana was a hit for Yuna. It got her a lot of attention at the dog park and she shared a romantic moment.

Two dogs engaging in a picturesque romantic meet at the park.

Of course, she also took a dip in the river so she got herself all wet and ruined the photoshoot… but that’s life with a dog, am I right?

We’ll cap this off with Yuna doing her best impression of the Sulley face on the bandana!

A dog opening her wide mouth like a little monster!


Yuna definitely enjoyed this Monsters, Inc. themed dog collar and bandana set, and we think you will too.

Check out the current listings on shopDisney here and snag yours before they run out! Shelf life (even on their website) is seemingly pretty low for all Disney Tails products, since they’re constantly creating new designs and discontinuing old ones.

Don’t forget to follow Yuna on Instagram and Pinterest for even more adorable Disney dog content and free dog tips!

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