Minnie Mouse Dog Harness By Disney Tails Review

November 6th, 2019. Last Updated May 28th, 2020

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A dog trotting on a beach in a Minnie Mouse costume.

Table of Contents

Update (May 28th, 2020): Aaaand this piece is back on shopDisney!! Get it here!!

Yuna has been rocking Disney bandanas for a while. We can thank Disney Tails for that–and for blessing the world with beautiful bandanas and Disney pet gear.

We loved the classic Mickey Mouse checkerboard look and the Mickey pants bandana.

All are cute. And we love bandanas.

But let’s take this to the next level today.

At the time of this post, we’ve just passed Halloween season–and so we’ve had to do some serious costumin’.

Today, we introduce a “full” dog outfit–featuring a ton of Minnie polka dots in all their red and white glory.

Review Of The Components

In this outfit, we have four pieces of gear to show you!

Minnie Mouse Comfort Harness

Let’s start with the Dumbo elephant in the room. That harness.

Disney Tails calls this little Minnie Mouse polka dot dress a “Comfort Harness.” Indeed, it is a soft but sturdy mesh harness that’ll wrap around your dog’s front limbs.

A dog donned in a Minnie Mouse costume eager for her owner to join her on the beach
Leggo to beach! Hooman, you coming?!

When fitting this harness, there are two pairs of thick velcro straps. One pair goes around the front part of your dog’s chest, and the other around her torso.

After the straps are snug, a traditional harness buckle goes over the straps so they stay in place.

The harness is pretty quirky and may not fit all dog body shapes–see the “Fitting The Harness” section below for more details.

The back of the dress contains a D-ring to attach to any lead.

Minnie Mouse Leash

Speaking of leads, the Minnie Mouse lead by Disney Tails is the obvious choice here.

We’ve owned this leash for a long time, so you may have seen some pictures of Yuna with this lead floating around our blog and Instagram.

A dog smiling at her owner, donned in Minnie Mouse pet gear from head to toe.

This red Minnie leash complements the harness well. It’s got a trendy Minnie ears pattern and her trademark bow near the leash handle.

Minnie Mouse Bow Collar

You could dazzle everyone on your walk with just those two pieces, but for the craziest fans… there’s more! Starting with this Minnie Mouse collar.

A dog wearing her best Minnie Mouse bow.

Yup–so iconic that it’s become our logo!

This collar is the true complement to the Minnie Mouse leash. It’s got the same design scheme, and even has the adorable bow.

Minnie Mouse Bandana

And the cherry on top–the bandana! Did you think we were going to close this outfit off without another Disney Tails bandana?

Here’s a look at Minnie’s polka dot bandana. It’s the second of three bandanas in the Minnie Mouse set–the first of which we covered last time.

A dog trying to hold in a laugh, wearing a Minnie polka dot bandana.

Time to go ham on the dots. To match the red and white craze on the harness, this bandana features a Minnie bow pattern near the top, and just more and more polka dots.

This is the lightest shade of red of all the bandanas in the collection. For good reason too–this entire outfit is designed to make your dog the center of attention.

Do note the sizes on this bandana. They are only made in one length: 13 inches long. From shopDisney’s listing, this bandana works best for a 16’’ to 26’’ adjustable collar.

Fitting The Harness

We know this harness is freaking adorable. And seeing your dog running around in it is sure to brighten up your day.

A word of caution here though–it can be hard to fit your dog into one of these.

Disney Tails in general isn’t so accommodating for sizes… especially if you’ve got a large dog.

Yuna isn’t a “large” dog by any means (she’s just shy of 60 pounds), but even she is pushing the limits of her size XL harness.

On the label, Disney Tails claims the size XL harness is best for dogs with girth 26-28 inches, and weight between 90-140 pounds.

I can only imagine those must be some pretty skinny, long dogs! Because while the chest strap fits Yuna pretty well, the torso strap really squeezes her tight.

The whole sizing issue is problematic for two reasons. One, Disney Tails has a physical store in Florida Disney World, but most vacation-goers don’t bring their dogs along because Disney World itself is not pet-friendly. Hence, it’s near impossible to try the harness on your dog before buying.

Secondly, because of the first point, you’re likely ordering this online. So again, no trying before buying.

Moreover, Disney Tails does claim the straps are “fully adjustable” on their shopDisney listing–but this is misleading. There are still velcro straps on the harness, and this limits how “adjustable” the buckles are.

Disney Tails should do a better job at documenting its sizing–we’ve incorrectly purchased a size L from them and it was just way too small for Yuna.

A dog sitting in front of a fireplace screen, looking concerned.
Um, Disney Tails, if you listening, please make more larger sizes!

So if you’re looking at Disney Tail harnesses, I’d disregard their weight recommendation entirely. Choose a size based on your dog’s girth.

And if your dog is anywhere over 60 pounds, I hate to break it to you, but Disney Tails probably doesn’t have your size, unless your dog is a skinny breed. I’d imagine most adult retrievers won’t be able to squeeze into these.

I hope their sizes become more accommodating at Disney Tails. We’re lucky Yuna is a smaller than average Lab so she gets to wear this and show it off to you all!

Full Minnie Mouse Costume

Now, for all the dogs that are able to fit in this outfit… congratulations!

Between the harness, lead, collar, and bandana, everything just screams Minnie Mouse. It is definitely most suitable for Halloween or another costume type event.

Honestly and personally, I do feel pretty sub-conscious taking Yuna out like this. I love Disney, and I love Minnie Mouse, but it is a very brazen outfit! Perhaps it’s the frilly skirt portion at the end of the harness…

We actually considered cutting that part off. Because this skirt was way too short for Yuna’s long body anyway. It made her look extra… risque.

A dog lying on a bench, looking concerned as her owner fixes her harness.
OMG... doing me an embarrass...

But we had great fun turning Yuna into Minnie Mouse and taking her on adventures.

Recently, we went on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, mainly) and this was her main outfit. Scroll through our gallery to see where Yuna has spread her Minnie magic!

Update (May 12th, 2020): Unfortunately, the official shopDisney store no longer holds stock of these pieces of gear. They seem to come out with new designs every few years or so. Currently, their newest Minnie Mouse dog harness design is available here!

Update (May 28th, 2020): Aaand it’s back on shopDisney! Get it here before it goes away again!


We are so glad the iconic Minnie Mouse made her way into Disney Tails pet gear. Minnie’s personality is so similar to Yuna’s that I could not resist putting her in these.

Girth-wise, It was almost tailor-fit to Yuna, but the dress was a little too tight and much too short… oops! Hope Disney Tails can better accommodate larger dogs.

Check out this other Minnie Mouse bandana if you liked this outfit! Be sure to follow Yuna on Instagram and Pinterest to get daily updates!

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