Minnie Mouse Dog Bandana and Leash by Disney Tails

No matter the season, when in doubt, wear red!

November 30th, 2019

We’ve got one more dog bandana to show you from the Disney Tails Minnie Mouse set, and I guess you could say we’ve saved the best for last.

A dog standing on a bed of red, white, and pink leaves, matching the Minnie Mouse bandana she is wearing.

Despite Yuna’s recent run-in with mast cell tumors, we had a small window of opportunity to take pictures with the beautiful fall colors here in Seattle.

And speaking of fall… today’s red Minnie Mouse bandana and leash combo was the perfect match with the picturesque autumn trees.

No more nonsense–let’s jump straight into showing off this new bandana (and leash)!

Review of the Components

Here’s another “outfit” which really consists of just the one bandana… but it’s oh so cute.

The bandana itself is just a simple Minnie silhouette pattern, complete with her famous polka dot bow.

Any dog with this bandana on instantly gets style points!

A dog posing in front of an orange and yellow tree.

Alright. Though it isn’t strictly required, this bandana is just asking to be paired with the Minnie Mouse leash, also by Disney Tails.

We’ve showed this leash off plenty of times before. Apart from also having the repeating Minnie silhouette pattern, it has an actual Minnie bow near the handle of the leash as well.

Make sure you’ve got both the bandana and the leash to really complete this look!

A dog wearing a red Minnie Mouse bandana, smiling at the camera.

When In Doubt, Wear Red.

Like the Magic Minnie Mouse bandana and the Minnie polka dot bandana, this one screams red red red!

Now, though we just happened upon this bandana in the fall, we could definitely see this bandana going well with every season of the year.

Winter? The bright red playful look would pair perfectly with a wintery, snowy background.

Spring? Let this bandana add a splash of color to the already brilliant colors of the spring bloom.

Summer? This bandana will make your dog the hottest pooch in town!

And autumn? Well… you’re about to see our photo gallery next–we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

No matter the season, when in doubt, wear red!

Photo Gallery

Join Yuna and Minnie in their autumn adventures!


We thought fall was the perfect season for this bandana, and it’s one of our favorites so far. What do you think?

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