Disney Tails - Minnie Mouse Bow Collar & Leash Product Review

I think that any dog could rock this Disney dog leash and collar from Disney Tails, but a Labrador like Yuna is a perfect fit. She’s already a very friendly and happy-go-lucky dog, very characteristic of the Disney theme.

November 8th, 2018

Look at this enchanting Minnie Mouse collar and leash from Disney Tails! This is Yuna’s first Disney dog leash and collar.

Yuna showing off the Minnie bow on this Disney dog leash.
Minnie Mouse silhouette pattern lined on this Disney dog leash!

Yuna absolutely loves them, and she thinks your dog would too—it’s a must if you and your dog are Disney fans!

This Disney dog leash spreads magic and happiness, and for Disney fans that’s the best selling point on its own. We’ve given it many a test run and took note of some considerations you should take into account if you’re thinking of this leash. We’ll walk through each one!

The leash and collar are made of sturdy nylon.

There is a reason why many commercial dog leashes and collars are made of nylon. The material is a good balance between two things: sturdiness, to withstand heavy pullers, and comfort, so your hands and wrists are happy too.

This leash is very simple and lightweight—perfect for any casual walk.

A word of caution though—many dogs do like to chew on their leashes. If this is your dog, think twice about this leash, especially since it proudly displays Minnie’s silhouette pattern!

Yuna is not exactly a chewer, but even she got bored at the office before I was smart enough to bring toys in. She slightly wrecked her old nylon leash, and we’ve switched to a super sturdy climbing rope leash from Pack Leashes. We did a full review on it here!

Yuna super happy on a hike, wearing her Power Pink leash from Pack Leashes.
Power Pink from Pack Leashes

Since then, she’s learned to not chew on leashes altogether so I feel very safe using this one now.

The leash is fixed-length, and on the shorter side.

This leash comes in two sizes—small, which is 5/8 in wide and 72’ in long (6 ft). The medium size is 1 in wide and is actually shorter at 48’ in long (4 ft).

Yuna is a medium-sized dog, so we got the 4 ft leash. It’s exactly the same length as the leash we’ve been using, so I quickly got acquainted with it. However, it is definitely on the shorter side, so keep that in mind.

Having a fixed-length leash always has its advantages and disadvantages. Dogs that aren’t yet very well-trained at leash walking could suddenly decide to dash after anything that excites them. If you’re not ready, and if your dog is a bit bulkier, it could cause you injury.

On the other hand, a fixed-length leash is also a sure way to keep your dog safe. In big bustling cities where you want your dog to show off the Minnie magic, you’ll be able to maintain a tenacious grip.

Pricing of the leash and collar.

Given that both the leash and collar are made of nylon, they are a little bit on the expensive side. But, they’re backed by the Disney brand and each have a dazzling Minnie bow to make up for that.

Yuna happy to be wearing Minnie's polka dot bow on her collar!
The iconic Minnie Bow is featured this Disney dog leash AND collar.

Anyone can pick-up a traditional, single-color leash and collar set from a pet store at a much more economical deal.

With this Disney dog leash and collar, you are buying Disney magic. Any fan knows that is priceless.

These two items are not sold as a “set,” so you can buy just one of these to save the bank. But they complement each other so well. The leash hooks perfectly onto the D-ring on the collar and connects the Minnie silhouette pattern.

The Disney brand and spirit

There are few leashes out there that exude more personality than this one. It screams Disney.

A leash and collar are usually the only things your dog wears everyday. It is the only opportunity to attach a personality to your dog. You have to make that count!

I think that any dog could rock this look, but a Labrador like Yuna is a perfect fit. She’s already a very friendly and happy-go-lucky dog, very characteristic of the Disney theme.

Yuna and her little friend 🙂

For all the Disney + dog fans out there, we are lucky to be living in this time. Disney Tails is a very new line that began selling in Disney theme parks in 2015. A few years ago, there was much less on the market for Disney and dog lovers.

Now’s the perfect time to get in on this Disney dog leash and collar, and spread Disney on all your future walks! Your pup will be exuberant to sport the new gear!

The final verdict—is this leash and collar for you?

Here’s a quick summary of who I think this leash is for, and who this leash is not for.

Signs this leash is not for you:

  • Your dog bites leashes, and it hurts your Disney soul to damage the Minnie silhouettes.
  • You prefer a variable-length leash, or a longer leash.
  • The price is over-budget.
  • You think your dog’s personality doesn’t match this leash.

Signs this leash is for you:

  • You are a Disney fan!!!
  • You want a more lightweight leash that’s still super durable.
  • You prefer a shorter leash to keep your pup closer to your side.
  • You think your dog embodies the Disney spirit and would like them to highlight that part of their personality!

We hope you are now better equipped to make a decision on this Disney dog leash! Follow Yuna’s Instagram for a lot more pics of her showing off this Minnie Mouse set!

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