Mickey Mouse Dog Harness By Disney Tails

First off, the classic pattern on the harness! It’s Mickey’s torso, complete with his signature red pants, turning your furry friend into the Disney icon himself.

February 6th, 2020

It seemed just yesterday when we took Yuna out on a little road trip in the Pacific Northwest. Wearing, of course, her special Minnie Mouse harness.

With how notorious Pacific Northwest winters are for having terrible weather, we felt the need to spread some more color and magic around.

Color? Magic? Another perfect job for Disney.

After trying the Minnie harness last time, we’d be doing Disney a great injustice if we didn’t try out the Mickey version too.

So let’s take a closer look at this classic Mickey Mouse costume and complementary bandanas!

A dog standing proudly in her Mickey Mouse costume, looking happily toward the camera.

Review of the Components

Today, we’ll show you the harness and two bandanas we paired it with.

Mickey Mouse Comfort Harness

The Mickey harness is, of course, the main actor here. Let’s give it the spotlight it deserves.

An adorable Yellow Lab lying on a beach chair, showing off her Mickey Mouse harness.

First off, the classic pattern on the harness! It’s Mickey’s torso, complete with his signature red pants, turning your furry friend into the Disney icon himself.

Like the Minnie harness, this one is described by Disney Tails as a comfort harness. This is justified by its soft mesh material, designed to hug your dog’s body comfortably as they wear it.

To secure the harness, there are two large velcro straps accompanied by two buckles over those straps.

And of course, a D-ring is attached to the back of the harness for a leash to hook on to.

Based on our experiences and observations with this harness, not all dog body shapes will fit this harness unfortunately. We also gave a similar warning for the Minnie harness–see the section “Fitting the Harness” below before attempting to purchase it.

Mickey Mouse Pants Bandana

Now if you’re crazy and want everyone around you to see double… put the classic Mickey Mouse Pants bandana along with the harness.

A dog performing a "wave," and doing it in a Mickey Mouse bandana.

This bandana is a part of Disney Tails’s Mickey Mouse bandana set, and is just so versatile–it looks good on virtually any dog while loudly expressing your fanatic love for Disney.

We previously introduced this bandana here–check it out for more info and pictures.

Mickey Bandana from Barking Bad Bakery

Barking Bad Bakery is a small dog accessory shop we discovered by chance.

We’re glad we did, because their Mickey bandana was one of Yuna’s first bandanas ever. I suppose you could say it was her introduction to Disney bandanas!

A dog with one paw up in front of home plate, as if ready to catch a pitch.

The bandana features an assortment of Mickeys and “M”s, spread across a red background.

You’ll notice the red is a theme here–it makes your dog stand out. Best of all, it injects life into the often gray and gloomy Pacific Northwest backdrop.

A dog wearing a Mickey Mouse costume, looking back toward her owner while standing by the edge of a pool

This bandana is also the type that a collar just goes through, so no tying required.

Fitting The Harness

Okay, now let’s talk about harness sizing for a second. Unfortunately, here’s where we’ll have to come down to earth (temporarily).

However adorable this outfit is, you need to ensure it fits your dog first. Not only that, but they should also feel entirely comfortable wearing it.

That being said, though this harness is a “comfort” harness, size-wise, it’s not nearly as flexible as most commercial harnesses out there.

Because the harness uses two velcro straps, and not any adjustable straps or buckles, it can be difficult to fit some dogs into these.

It’s a gripe we’ve had with the Disney Tails harness lines… but unfortunately it’s just something we have to deal with for now.

In particular, if you have a larger dog, you might have even more trouble with Disney Tails’s sizing.

For example, let’s take Yuna. She is a “medium-large” dog–smaller than your average Lab at around 58 pounds. She is wearing the XL size harness in the photos in this post… and it barely fits her.

The XL harness is advertised as being perfect for dogs between 90-140 pounds, with a girth of 26-28 inches.

So if you’ve got any larger Labrador, they probably won’t fit this harness; only a particular set of very skinny large dogs would find success!

A dog enjoying her time at the dog park, ears flying in the wind.

However impractical, we’d recommend taking precise measurements of your dog and buying the harness in person at the Disney Tails store in Florida. Even better if you can bring your dog along (but remember, Disney World itself is NOT dog-friendly).

It doesn’t appear that the harness is available on shopDisney’s online listing anyways, so this is probably your only option.

Oh Boy! It’s Me, Mickey!

For those of you that are lucky enough to put your dog in this costume, spread that magic and spread it wide!

This outfit is a must for Mickey lovers. Personally, I feel it’s also a lot less conspicuous than the Minnie set we introduced previously.

Join us on this magic carpet ride through the places we took Yuna with this outfit!

Get the outfit here!
Harness – shopDisney link
Bandana 1 – shopDisney link
Bandana 2 – Barking Bad Bakery online store


We hope this post put a smile on your face! It certainly made Yuna gush with happiness.

A dog with one floppy ear flipped, as if listening intently to whoever is talking to her.

And… it’s crazy to say, but now that we’ve gone once through each Mickey and Minnie bandana, AND covered both harnesses… that’s all of Disney Tails’s classic collections!

So as for Disney x Yuna content moving forward, we’ll likely be moving on to custom dog bandanas, harnesses, and accessories created by small business owners.

We’d love to feature your product! Do reach out to us if you’re interested.

Of course, the dog care content and the Instagram posts will never stop! Follow us along our adventures.

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