Mickey Mouse Checkerboard Dog Collar & Bandana by Disney Tails

For the best of both worlds between style and simplicity, look no further than Disney Tail’s Mickey Mouse checkerboard dog collar and bandana combo!

August 12th, 2019

We are so excited to kick off this new series on the blog where I leave it up to Yuna to express my Disney obsession!! Muhahaha.

As a Disney fan myself, of course I just have to adorn Yuna with all the Disney gear I can get my hands on.

We’ve experimented with a couple of styles, but for our first Disney x Yuna post we’re going to highlight perhaps the most classic look out there.

For the best of both worlds between style and simplicity, look no further than Disney Tail’s Mickey Mouse checkerboard dog collar and bandana combo!

The Components

This Disney dog outfit consists of just two pieces: a collar and a bandana. Easy.

Oddly enough, Disney Tails sells these two items separately. We’re not sure why, because clearly they were meant to go hand in hand.

Mickey Mouse Checkered Dog Collar

The dog collar is your standard nylon buckle collar–high quality and easily adjustable.

A closeup of the Mickey Mouse dog collar from behind.
Closeup view! Even the buckle has a Mickey on it.

It boasts a thick, sturdy D-ring that attaches easily to any leash.

This model comes in four sizes–S, M, L, and XL. For reference, Yuna your smaller than average 58 pound Lab with about a 17’’ neck, so we got the Medium for her.

Note: Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, Disney Tail sizing is not very consistent–for example, if your dog fits a size L harness, this doesn’t necessarily mean they need a size L collar. I’d advise you against buying a size based on your dog’s weight alone–actually bring out that measuring tape! (A size M collar for Yuna was perfect, but she couldn’t even fit into a size L harness.)

A closeup of a Mickey Mouse checkerboard dog collar.
The collar is just 0.75'' wide, so sometimes it can get lost in Yuna's skin rolls. Oops!

Mickey Mouse Checkered Dog Bandana

The bandana is actually part of a set of three bandanas from Disney Tails, all Mickey Mouse themed.

All three designs are made of polyester and are just absolutely killer. A must have set for any Mickey Mouse fan with a pooch.

We’ll save the other two designs for another post and look exclusively at the checkerboard pattern here.

A dog looking goofy wearing a Disney Mickey Mouse bandana.
The bandana really stands out with the black and white style.

These bandanas come in just one size. They are 13’’ in length, so unfortunately they will not fit every neck.

According to shopDisney’s online listing for this set, the bandana “fits 16’’ to 26’’ adjustable collar.”

Optional: Mickey Mouse Checkerboard Dog Leash

To round out the set, don’t forget the Mickey Mouse Checkerboard Dog Leash, which is also part of the Disney Tails line.

We don’t currently own the product because we already have the Minnie Mouse version (coming soon!), and the item isn’t even available on shopDisney as of this posting.

But to truly complete this look we’ll have to get our hands on it soon. Expect an update to this post in the future!

Optional: Pair of Classic Mouse Ears

Want to take this a step further? Have your dog grow a pair of Mouse Ears!

A dog wearing a full Mickey Mouse outfit, ears and all.
What is this funny thing on my head...

Photo Gallery

Check out Yuna repping this checkerboard style!

Get the outfit for your dog!

Collar: shopDisney link
Bandana Set: shopDisney link


It’s only fitting that this Mickey Mouse checkerboard dog collar and bandana be our first Disney x Yuna post.

We’ll be highlighting more styles in future Disney x Yuna posts so stay tuned!

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