Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer Review – Tough on Fur, Easy on You!

August 2nd, 2020

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Yuna giving the Lilly Brush a thorough sniffing and examination.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for various pet products. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Never would I have thought that one of my favorite pet hair removers would be… this little blade thing?

Dog owners, we all know that managing pet hair is one of the most frustrating things ever.

It’s not just the extra layer of fur on the ground, or the bits of fur that get stuck on clothes.

Fur also gets embedded in those harder to clean areas, like your furniture. Or your car seats.

Today’s innovative Mini Pet Hair Detailer by Lilly Brush is so simple, yet so effective in dealing with those awkward spots. We tried the Lilly Brush on a couple of surfaces where a vacuum was impractical, and we can’t wait to show you the results.

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer - Design & Features

A dog sitting on a colored circle on the road, showing off a Lilly Brush mini pet hair detailer.
Take that, shedding! Use this Lilly Brush, hooman!

The Mini Pet Hair Detailer by Lilly Brush looks super simple on the surface–it quite literally is a rubber blade.

All you need to do is scrape the blade repeatedly over any surface with embedded dog hair… and the Lilly Brush automatically works its magic.

The blade is only about a tenth of an inch thick (~0.25cm), but it’s not flimsy at all while you’re scraping away.

It’s also super light and easy to grip. This makes it much easier on you than, say, your heavy vacuum cleaner would!

You also don’t need to apply any hard force. Repeated strokes will get most of the fur out.

Say goodbye to individual hand-picking at deeply embedded fur!

Testing The Lilly Brush

We tried out the Lilly Brush on Yuna’s PetFusion bed, my sock (just for fun), Yuna’s car seat cover, and the floor of my car.

PetFusion Bed

What better place to begin the testing than on Yuna’s own sleeping quarters, her den?

Yuna’s loves having a big bed where she can also rest her head against something, so the PetFusion bed was a great choice for her. Of course, because she spends a lot of time here, it must also be covered in her fur…

To make things worse, it’s currently summer, and it’s hot. Of course, Yuna is shedding like mad.

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Since it’s been a week since I’ve washed her bed, a good amount of fur has accumulated here.

Let’s bring out the Lilly Brush for its very first cleaning gig…

With just a few strokes, it was able to remove a lot of the embedded furs!

Let’s move on to the main part of her bed. We ran the Lilly Brush over one half of Yuna’s bed and did a side-by-side comparison with the other side… check it out!

A comparison before and after using the Lilly Brush on Yuna's PetFusion bed.

My Sock

Socks. I feel bad for any dog owner’s socks. With all the fur that accumulates on the ground, socks easily pick up all that shedding.

Especially when I’m playing with Yuna and she’s rolling around at my feet. My socks always emerge covered in dog hair.

So admittedly, this was a more impromptu test. The Lilly Brush was within my grasp, and my socks happened to be dark-colored that day so you can easily see the fur on it.

My foot is far from the smoothest surface, but you can see that this is exactly the type of surface that the Lilly Brush is suited for!

With just a few strokes, it was able to remove a good amount of fur. Looks like Yuna is happy with the result as well.

Car Seat Cover

We employ a handy car seat cover in order to protect the back seats from Yuna’s shedding. Of course, it also provides her a larger, safer area to rest during car rides.

However, it’s always a nightmare to clean. Just look at it.

A view of the insane amount of fur stuck on a car seat cover.

I haven’t cleaned that for a month (we really should clean it more often…).

But never fear, because this is the ultimate test for the Lilly Brush.

Note that while our car seat cover attaches to four headrests as shown in the picture, it is still quite free to move around. This surface isn’t “pinned down” or “tight” like the PetFusion bed, or my sock.

This just meant that the seat cover moved around a lot while we were brushing and scraping. I had to use my free hand to hold down the cover so that it didn’t keep moving.

After a few strokes, we managed to clear a portion of the car seat cover with the Lilly Brush.

The Lilly Brush carving out a space on the car seat cover that's now fur free!

However, since the car seat cover is so large, it would be pretty impractical to use this mini Lilly Brush on the entire cover. You’d tire yourself out.

This is probably a job better suited for the regular sized Be Forever Furless Pet Hair Remover by Lilly Brush, in conjunction with a vacuum.

This shows that the mini Lilly Brush is definitely better suited for smaller, hard to reach surfaces that are “snug” and not freely moving.

Still, it did a decent job. Now there’s a nice block of area that’s mostly fur-free.

Car Floor

Finally, let’s turn our attention to this nasty-looking piece of real estate in my car–the center divider hump in the middle under my back seats.

Before using the Lilly Brush on my car, it was a disaster.

Even though we have the handy car seat cover, over time, some fur still gets stuck here. It’s invariably because Yuna loves to rest her head like this, and some hair just falls through the webbing…

A dog resting her head on her car seat cover.

To make matters worse, fur here is never easy to pick up, even if you have a portable vacuum. It’s probably not strong enough to suck up these embedded furs cleanly.

So let’s see what the Lilly Brush can do for us here.

After using the Lilly Brush on my car, it looks much cleaner.

Wow! This is exactly what this tool was built for–removing pet hair in these awkward, unsightly places. The Lilly Brush did a perfect job here.

Lilly Brush - Cons

Now, after trying the Lilly Brush on a variety of surfaces, we think we have a good grasp on the pros and cons of this little tool.

We’ll start with some of the cons, or the features that this tool does not provide.

Picking Up Fur

The Lilly Brush doesn’t make your pet hair detailing completely hands-free. Of course, you’ll still need to have a method of picking up the hair that the brush accumulates for you.

We found that using either a small portable vacuum cleaner, or simply your hands, is sufficient in doing a decent job.

So while the Lilly Brush is magic, just keep in mind that even after scraping, you’ll need to actually pick up the fur too.

Not Designed For “Moving” Surfaces

If you’re trying to clean your car seat cover like me, you probably won’t have much luck. Any sort of surface that is still “moving” or not held in place is not good for the Lilly Brush.

Another example of this would be something like a shirt hanging on a clothes hanger.

And that’s okay! The brush wasn’t designed for such surfaces anyway. Like we mentioned before, try a larger, sturdy brush like Lilly Brush’s Be Forever Furless Pet Hair Remover.

Not Designed For Large Surfaces

This one might be obvious, but if you’re working on, say, a California King sized bed, you’ll be spending an awful long time if you choose the mini Lilly Brush.

Limit use of this tool to smaller surfaces–that’s where it really shines.

Slightly Pricey

Market price of the tool is a little above average. But we think that the upfront investment, and all the time you’ll save with this amazing tool, makes the Lilly Brush well worth it.

Lilly Brush - Pros

And now, here’s a list of pros to illustrate why we think this tool is absolutely a must-own for all dog owners out there. 

Yuna giving the Lilly Brush a thorough sniffing and examination.

Simple Design and Easy To Use

The user experience for this tool is just awesome. The design is simple and intuitive–no gotchas at all.

Small and Compact, Can Store Virtually Anywhere

Because this tool is so thin and compact, you could literally keep it anywhere.

It also makes it super convenient to bring with you on the go. Heading to the garage to clean your car? You can just slide the Lilly Brush in your pocket instead of lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner down there.

Very Little Maintenance Required For The Tool Itself

Lilly Brush recommends occasional cleaning of the tool with light soap and water, but that’s it.

With a vacuum, you’ll need to empty out the chamber. With a lint roller, you’ll need to keep ripping the sheets off. The Lilly Brush, on the other hand, is super low maintenance.

Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas

This is definitely our favorite part of the mini Lilly Brush. Whether you need to clean carpet, furniture, your car, clothes, blankets, bed sheets, or anything, this tool is great.

Not necessarily because you’ll be relying on it the entire time–but you’re bound to run into areas where a vacuum, lint roller, or large brush just won’t do.

It is in these hard to reach areas and edges that the Lilly Brush dominates!


The mini pet hair detailer by Lilly Brush is a must have for pet owners (and car detailers!). Other pet hair remover solutions just can’t reach the areas that this handy little tool can.

And chances are, you’ll find that it’s even more effective and time-saving than those other options.

The bottom line is, if you love having your dog’s hair all over the place, avoid this product at all costs!

Otherwise, we think this is a must-have item in any dog owner’s arsenal. You CAN win the battle against pet hair!

You can find the mini pet hair detailer by Lilly Brush here:

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