Life With Yuna -
5 Month Update:
New Year, New Experiences

For how sluggish and lethargic Yuna is at home, you really wouldn’t think she’d last that long out there, but in reality she’s just an endless ball of energy whenever we aren’t home.

January 31st, 2019

Wow. January 2019 was an awesome month. With the new year came a few first-time experiences for Yuna, which highlight in this update.

Overall, Yuna was pretty healthy this month. Since I came back from my year-end vacation she hasn’t missed a beat.

She’s still continuing her special kibble diet to ease her digestive tract caused by acute pancreatitis a couple months ago, but this is probably the last big bag she’ll have to go through before returning to normal food.

We’ve ramped up the treats as well since it seems her stomach is all normal again. And of course because she’s been a really good girl!

Without further ado, here are some special moments we had this month.

First Paws On Snow!!

Starting things off with a bang—Yuna got to experience snow for the first time this month! We are extremely lucky to be living in the great Pacific Northwest where it seems like any outdoor adventure is but a short drive away.

Yuna’s first snow experience was at the Gold Creek Pond Trail in Snoqualmie, WA.

Our little day trip to Snoqualmie! From Yuna's pinned story "Yuna Travels" on Instagram.

We packed up the car, rented some snowshoes, got Yuna a jacket, and hit the trail!

I sniff adventure!

I wish you could’ve seen Yuna’s excitement the first few moments out there. While us human snowshoe noobs were busy figuring out the snowshoes, Yuna had to be leashed to a pole otherwise I was convinced she’d just run buck wild.

You could hear her whimpering as she was stuck there, eager to play in the snow! Heartbreaker.

Once we finally got going, Yuna was doing all sorts of weird things—running around, doing spins, and trying to eat snow.

Snow... yum... 🙂

And funny faces while trying to eat sticks.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of bringing a short 4-foot leash to the adventure, which was much too short in my opinion. I had to constantly try to avoid stepping on Yuna with the snowshoes, and Yuna was pulling hard.

Yuna also probably got a little frustrated herself. You could just tell she wanted to be off-leash the entire time.

Yuna got her fair share of zoomies that day. She also met her fair share of dogs that day. Dogs interacting with each other is already pretty interesting to photograph—it’s even more hilarious in the snow. Check out some of these awkward snaps.

It was a day of great fun and exercise for Yuna. It’s been a while since our last hike or even our last walk that lasted longer than a few miles.

Yuna’s endurance impressed me yet again. I definitely got tired much faster than Yuna did. For how sluggish and lethargic Yuna is at home, you really wouldn’t think she’d last that long out there, but in reality she’s just an endless ball of energy whenever we aren’t home.

Snow kangaroo? 🙂

Sometimes, she’d venture a little off the well-worn path into some thin powder, and it was adorable watching her navigate through that.

The first time, she was visibly concerned and confused… “why am I sinking in this?!?!” I watched as she left deep paw prints alongside those of the many other dogs that were there that day.

And of course, the views were pretty spectacular. There’s something about snow blanketing trees, rocks, etc. that just looks so naturally aesthetic.

We hope to get back out there soon. We truly have to capitalize more on living in the PNW.

First Road Trip!

This month I also took Yuna on her first ever road trip!

We set out on a Thursday evening from Seattle, WA to San Jose, CA, where I’m originally from. Google says it’s a 14 hour car trip!

Long drive!

We aimed to arrive in San Jose Friday night and would be staying at my parents’ house there for the weekend.

Thus, I meal prepped four days worth of food and treats, got her bed and favorite toys in the car, and hit the road.

I left Thursday after work so we had about 4-5 hours worth of driving ahead of us. Our rest stop for the night was in Eugene, OR, right next to the University of Oregon.

We are so grateful that there are dog-friendly hotels all around. I discovered that they really were much easier to find than I had anticipated.

On the way there, Yuna was a lazy bum. She’s not like some other dogs who pace around the back seat and try to stick their heads out the window. Literally you put her in the car and a few minutes later she’s curled up into a ball, fast asleep.

She does really well in the car, never complaining or whining about the long ride. She may have been confused again though—why are we taking such a long car ride this time human?

There also were quite a few dog-friendly rest stops along the way where I could take Yuna out to do her business. Overall, I’d say the I-5 is pretty good about that.

Once we finally hit Eugene, it was around 11PM and we were ready to crash. We had a King sized bed for the night… simply luxury compared to the twin size Yuna and I usually squeeze on. No paws to the face that night!

The next morning, we took our morning stroll around the University of Oregon. It’s real foggy down there!

Right outside Autzen Stadium!

There was a nice park and off-leash dog area right next to the University’s Autzen Stadium called Alton Baker Park. We met a few dogs and Yuna seized the opportunity to let out some crazies… and of course this was shortly after she had just gotten a full grooming session.

Going crazy at Alton Baker dog park.

Yuna’s a funny one. She loves meeting dogs but mostly she just wants to sniff them. Then, depending on how playful she is she usually wants nothing much to do with them anymore. That turned into a golden derp shot.

Didn't know she had this face in her!!!

Once we got in some sufficient exercise we were on the road again. There wasn’t much on our agenda but to reach San Jose as quickly as possible. It was another 9 hour drive ahead and I prioritized making good time instead of stopping too frequently.

Places along the I-5 south of Eugene en route to California weren’t too interesting, save the little town of Ashland, OR. We took a stroll down there and grabbed some food.

We really need to drive along the coast next time! If only I could get a few more days off, I think it’d be the perfect next trip with Yuna.

As Yuna spent the whole day napping, she experimented with different sleeping positions in the car—there was a particularly funny one which I caught on camera.

Friday around 9PM we hit San Jose. Yuna was busy exploring the larger house, sniffing every nook and cranny of the house. Labrador curiosity at its finest.

She instantly made herself at home. She met my brother and my mom who isn’t too fond of dogs, but Yuna seems to have a preference for females like many other dogs. She would keep staring at my mom and when my mom returned eye contact, her tail would begin wagging.

Yuna was fed a late dinner and then we were off to crash for the night in California! The new environment didn’t seem to bother her too much because she went back to her usual lazy self.

Overall, I was really impressed with how well Yuna performed in the car. Even 14 hours for a human is not easy in the car, let alone a dog—but to be fair, I did do my best to make her ride as comfortable as possible.

February and Onwards

These two adventures were great and we hope to embark on more and share them with you.

I’d like to remind everyone that sometimes, the best treat for your dog is not in the form of delicious food. Sometimes they just want quality time.

Going on special adventures will really build the bond between you and your dog and make owning a dog all the more colorful.

As for us, we are hoping to get one or two more snow trips in while it’s still winter. We’ve visited (the frozen) Heather Lake in late January and have another visit to the Snoqualmie area scheduled up!

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