Life With Yuna – 2 Year 3 Month Update: New Content Coming!

December 1st, 2020

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A dog sitting on a bed of red and pink leaves, looking up towards another red leaf adorably.

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Hello everyone. Another three months have gone by… you know what that means! Yuna update time!

Of course, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have been staying put in Seattle. My company has extended our work from home policy through June 2021, so it looks like we will be here for a while.

That doesn’t mean the past three months since our last update were uneventful though! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to, and what our plans are looking ahead to 2021.


We avoided gathering on Halloween, but did bring out all of Yuna’s favorite toys for a quick photoshoot. This is lion Yuna and her pack.

A yellow Lab dressed in a lion costume, with her favorite toys surrounding her.
Can you spot Yuna? I only see a lion...

Our older followers will know this lion costume isn’t new–in fact, if you scroll wayyy down on Yuna’s Instagram, you’ll find a picture of her in it–but we thought we’d take it up a notch this Halloween.

Our apartment hosted a little costume contest (open to humans and pets), and this picture ended up winning us a box of sweets. Yuna deserves the biggest boop for laying so nicely and allowing me to pile toy after toy on her.

Autumn in Seattle

In years past, we’ve always liked exploring in autumn the most. We’d make rounds across all the parks in Seattle, finding the best spots for pictures.

This year, due to coronavirus we did much less exploring, but still got to catch some of autumn before all the leaves dropped.

One particular bright spot was a new place we discovered called Kubota Garden, a Japanese garden that, surprisingly (at least to me), was dog friendly. We highly recommend this place, and Yuna does too.

A dog sitting nicely on a rock, waving towards the camera!
Henlo, Kubota Garden! We'll be back.

Stepping Back From Instagram

One bit of major news from the past month: we decided to make a significant change to our posting schedule on Instagram.

Up until October 2020, we had been posting at least once a day, every day, since we created @yunathelab in September 2018.

This workload was manageable until recent weeks. My day job was picking up again, but more than anything, I felt that forcing myself to post daily took a mental toll.

I felt that everytime I brought Yuna out with our camera, I was trying to fulfill some quota of making sure I had enough content for the week ahead. This also made me feel like I was sacrificing quality and creativity in our posts in favor of sheer quantity.

Slowly but surely, I began to stop enjoying the time I spent on Instagram. My daily activity on the app decreased to about 10 minutes a day on average–a huge reduction from when we first hopped on (60 minutes or so). 

In an effort to regain our passion for creating for the platform, we have ditched our effort to maintain daily posts. We have no set schedule now, just posting whenever we have something cool to share.

And we are so glad we made this decision.

We are grateful to have received overwhelming support for this when we announced it on our account. We haven’t been the best at maintaining engagement with you all, but with this change we will definitely be motivated to do better.

New Workstation... New Content?!

So our previous workhorse iMac was taking up to 15 minutes just to open Lightroom and that just wasn’t it.

One other huge change we made recently was that we made an investment into building this monster of a PC!

A picture of a personal PC workstation, displaying a picture of a cute yellow Lab on the main monitor.

Not gonna lie, I’m super happy with how this turned out. I began this process in early October, researching parts and turning on alerts at every retailer for the right moment to strike on a good deal. It was a super fun process from start to finish.

Now that our build is complete, we have a super quick machine (Lightroom now boots up in 5 seconds!! Simply amazing). And that means we have some big things in the works as well…

We aren’t just going to waste all the extra time we afforded ourselves through cutting down our Instagram effort. Dear reader, you’re hearing it here first: expect Yuna’s YouTube channel coming in 2021!

That’s right, we’re going to try and create more videos for you all, because the few we’ve done have always received very positive feedback.

Hopefully soon, I can edit this post with the link to Yuna’s new channel, but now’s the time to get excited! Big things are coming!!

In the meantime, be sure to continue following Yuna’s Instagram and Pinterest for more content.

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  1. Mariana

    Thanks for the update, always nice to know about this beautiful girl Yuna and her magnificent owners. 🙌❤️

    1. Alexander

      Thanks so much Mariana, life has been busy but we will keep sharing Yuna with you all! Hope you are doing well yourself.

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