Life With Yuna -
10 Month Update:
Yuna vs. Water

For dogs, water is just one of those things where mileage may vary… greatly. Some dogs would do anything for a swim. Others carefully maneuver around the tiniest of puddles like they’re the plague.

July 1st, 2019

Now that summer’s officially here, I had a chance to bring Yuna out for some water adventures!

A wet dog looking happy at the beach!

When I adopted Yuna 10 months ago, it was already past the prime time for swimming and beach activities.

So, despite the fact that we live right by a lake, all we could do was wait. And wait…

I was dying to see how Yuna would fare around water.

For dogs, water is just one of those things where mileage may vary… greatly.

Some dogs would do anything for a swim. Others carefully maneuver around the tiniest of puddles like they’re the plague.

Because Yuna’s a yellow Lab, I think anyone would expect her to naturally love all forms of water activities.

However, because of her typical mellow personality, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

A dog doing the classic dog shake.

Can Yuna Swim?

We were out for one of our normal long walks in Lake Union Park. Many others had brought their dogs out to play in the evening sun.

Lake Union Park contains a small stone beach area. As we walked by, Yuna looked out to the beach and her ears instantly perched up as she saw other dogs.

These dogs were excellent swimmers. Their owners were throwing sticks as far as they could into the lake, and each time the dogs retrieved them without fail.

Yuna wanted to play too. Her tail (and butt) wouldn’t stop wiggling.

Well, why not. I brought her over to the beach, unleashed her, and watched her zoom toward the lake like a cannonball.

Please note that Yuna’s objective in getting into the lake was to say hi to other dogs and ducks. NOT to be an actual Labrador Retriever and retrieve stuff.

It didn’t take long for her to get too deep in the lake to stand up on all fours… but she kept pushing forward. She just has to get a whiff of that butt…

Through the translucent lake water I could see her doing classic dog paddle. What a swimmer!

So yes, Yuna can definitely swim. And she looked like a complete natural doing it! Definitely enjoys getting into the lake.

Water Fountains And Sprays

Besides the beach, Lake Union Park has another water amenity during the summer.

On one stretch of sidewalk, they have some awesome water fountains installed. I frequently see kids and dogs alike running wildly through them.

I thought I’d bring Yuna there too. Having already confirmed Yuna’s comfort around water, I thought she’d waste no time interacting with the water fountains.

When we got there, we saw another young yellow Lab going crazy around the water.

He was chomping at it, pawing it, and doing everything he could to figure out the thing.

Yuna gets most excited seeing dogs her size, and especially Labs and Goldens. She made a mad dash for him.

During her pursuit, she expertly dodged all the water fountains, making sure she stayed far away enough from them so they wouldn’t get her.

Even when she did get to the other Lab, she winced every time the fountain got close to her face.

A dog wincing as a water fountain gets too close to her face.

It was a funny scene to witness. Yuna was trying desperately to sniff the other Lab’s butt, but he just loved playing with the fountains too much and paid her no attention. And it was clear Yuna hated the flying water.

Eventually, Yuna had enough and ditched the warzone. She decided to peacefully sniff the grass on the side.

I’ve since tried many times since then to ease her into the fountains, but to no avail. Her constant wincing was out of fear, so I didn’t force it.

My Reactions

So to summarize, Yuna love swimming. She HATES water flying at her face.

A dog emerging from a swim at the beach, looking happy.

At first, I had a tough time wrapping my head around this. Especially after witnessing with my own eyes so many other dogs enjoying both.

Until I recalled something from my own childhood. Quick flashback time.

I remember the days of preschool where, seemingly, I was in Yuna’s shoes (paws?).

The details are hazy, but I do remember a special day at school that was like no other day I had ever experienced before.

A day where we brought swimming trunks to school. I was in for a treat. Absolutely no idea what to expect.

The school had planned summer activity of so-called “fun” where the teacher took us outside, turned on the hose, and made us run through it.

I hated it. After just one round, I hid in the playground structures.

But at the same time, I recall being much more receptive to learning how to swim at the local YMCA.

Hm. Guess it kinda makes sense after all.

A wet dog smiling in front of some beautiful water fountains.

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