Kennels & Kats - Pet Grooming Glove Product Review

If grooming your dog is a battle of getting your dog to just stay still while awkwardly chasing him down with a brush in one hand, read on for a better solution!

February 20th, 2019

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Kennels & Kats in exchange for my honest review. Links to the product in this review are affiliate links.

For a first-time dog owner, getting used to the amount of fur your dog sheds definitely can get overwhelming.

Even though I only have a Lab (and Yuna is not a big shedder by any stretch of the imagination), finding pet hair scattered all over the house is not fun.

Every dog owner should own some sort of grooming brush for their dog, regardless of breed.

Woah! New present arrived in the mail! Let's see what's inside.

Today, we get our hands on a very special grooming brush.

Today, we review the Kennels & Kats Pet Grooming Glove set, from the perspective of an owner with a relatively light shedder in Yuna. We have been using this product for a few weeks now, and we’d love to dive into the ins-and-outs of this innovative product.

Let’s begin the moment the package reaches your door.


The packaging for this set is stellar. Extremely professional and slick.

You’ll notice right off the bat that meticulous care was placed in the presentation of the product.


Inside the box, you’ll find the main attraction—a pair of grooming gloves equipped with many small, soft ridges—260 to be exact.

The box also contains a bonus bath brush. One side of the brush has the same small ridges on the gloves, and the other side contains harder, firmer ridges designed to massage your dog.

You also get a handy bag to store everything—great for taking on the go without worrying about excess fur falling into your bags and luggage.

We have yet to fully try out the bath brush. Thus, in this review, I will only cover the grooming gloves.

Grooming Gloves Review

Grooming Gloves vs. Grooming Brush

As a first time grooming glove user, I experienced a seamless transition from a regular brush to these gloves.

Having only used a brush before, the first nice thing I noticed with grooming gloves is that you can have both gloves on, and still retain regular functionality of your hands!

Yuna is pretty good at being groomed, but I know there are many dogs out there who way too good at hide and seek upon being approached by the dreaded brush.

Then grooming your dog becomes a battle of getting your dog to just stay still while awkwardly chasing him down with a brush in one hand.

With these gloves, you could have both on and still have two hands ready to try and control your fussy dog.

Moreover, once your dog does settle down, you could also groom your dog with twice the efficiency. Two hands is better than one.

And finally, using gloves allows you groom areas of your dog where a brush would be inconvenient and potentially harmful—i.e. around the arms and legs, tail, and head.

Overall, I can definitely see that this would be a great way to introduce a puppy to grooming.

A brush can look scary to a dog. Gloves make it seem just like an honest petting session.

With how gentle these gloves are designed, it’s hard to imagine any dog would find it uncomfortable.

Ooh I want a brushing!

The Grooming Process

As mentioned earlier, Yuna is already good with grooming so while I did not expect her to love the gloves the first time, I certainly did not expect her to freak out at the sight of the them.

Indeed, she was very curious about them the first time—she just didn’t know what they were.

When I put them on and started gently brushing her back, I could tell she was a little apprehensive about them but she was still very calm and still.

A little apprehensive the first few times, but she's gotten used to it quickly.

I’ve noticed over many brushes that the nice thing about using these hands-on gloves is that you can feel the amount of force you’re using to brush your dog firsthand.

It is possible to brush your dog too hard and hurt them. But with a regular grooming brush, it isn’t always easy to tell whether you’re stroking too hard or not.

With gloves, you are literally petting your dog as you groom them. That guarantees that you won’t brush too hard, and removes hair just as effectively as a brush.

As for the grooming sessions themselves, Kennels & Kats recommends daily grooming, but that certainly wasn’t necessary for Yuna.

Though it isn’t her shedding season now, she still enjoys the nice feeling of the gloves.

The gloves certainly are able to pick up her hair. They stick to the glove like glue. However, we don’t get anything as impressive as a thick layer of fur some dogs produce after a few minutes of this thing.

Haha Yuna is not a shedder. This after two minutes of brushing starting from a clean brush.

I would love to give these gloves a test run during her shedding season, but for now we’ve got some meager strands of fur on there.

Fur is much easier to remove from the glove when there’s a thick blanket of it—it just peels right off. For Yuna, it takes quite a few brushes to achieve that.

Otherwise, the little strands of fur are pretty tough to remove from the glove. I remember trying to do so after Yuna’s first brush to no avail.

Frustrating as that was, this is hardly a con for the product though as this is true for any dog brush out there.

We’ve just learned to clear the brush only after a few rounds of brushing.

Yuna’s Experience

Yuna knows when it’s time to be brushed and she always sits or lies down nicely whenever I ask her to.

She’s gotten really accustomed to the brush already. Pair up a brush session with some affirmative words and head pats and her tail goes off the entire time.

We don’t get much hair off each grooming session because she’s just not shedding heavily, so she probably thinks those sessions are unnecessary.

But because the gloves are so gentle, she really enjoys the mini 3 minute massages she gets a couple times each week.

Glove Design

The 260 little bristles that line the outside of the glove are soft and gentle. The inside of the glove is also soft and breathable. This makes the glove both comfortable for your fur kid and comfortable for you to wear.

These gloves are claimed to be one-size-fits-all. I have slightly larger than average hands, and I found the fit perfect for me.

If a size were attached to this glove, I’d definitely say it’s at least a Large.

There is a velcro strap near the wrist you can use to adjust tightness there. For those with smaller hands, it can be useful to keep the glove on as you brush your dog.

For those with larger hands, undoing the velcro strap before applying the gloves can help you fit your hand inside.


It seems like most things in the world are too expensive, but this glove set is one of the best value purchases I’ve ever made online.

To get a quality grooming set along with a bath brush, complete with professional packaging and instructions for use shipped directly to your door for $15.50 is a steal.

A quick search for other grooming gloves on Amazon shows that those packages usually only offer the gloves a la carte, often for more expensive than this set.

Many single dog brushes would also cost you more than this set.

I’d jump in on this deal, especially if you need a new grooming solution for your dog anyway. It’s unbeatable.

Look at the tail going off during the brush! 🙂

Final Remarks

A lot of love and care was put into this product by Kennels & Kats.

It was clear that they designed the products with both dog owner clients and fur kid clients in mind.

Yuna enjoys being brushed with these gloves and I anticipate using them well into the future.

Hopefully, you found our review of this product useful.

If you’d like to get your hands on a set, here’s a direct link to the product on Amazon.

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