jack & pup 12" Bully Sticks Product Review

Ultimately, as part of her birthday present, I decided to give this 5 pack of jack & pup 12″ Bully Sticks a go

March 8th, 2019

Disclaimer: The following review contains affiliate links to jack & pup products on Amazon.

From day one, I figured out pretty quickly Yuna was into bully sticks.

Since she’s a rescue from Korea, she may or may not have had the opportunity to ever have a bully stick in her life.

But I was lucky that one of the first things I bought her was a bully stick. She immediately sniffed it out among the other toys in her “starter pack” and preferred to gnaw on it over everything else.

It’s been a little over six months since then.

We’ve tried out a handful of different bully stick brands, unable to commit to a single one. Ultimately, as part of her birthday present, I decided to give this 5 pack of jack & pup 12″ Bully Sticks a go.

Happy chewing!

Here’s our review of this product!


The first thing to look out for in a bully stick is the quality.

This primarily boils down to one question–is the stick made from natural free-range beef?

Each stick in this pack was made with beef pizzle from grass-fed beef, so this is indeed premium grade quality.

As jack & pup claims to be a company founded by meat experts and pet lovers, I’d expect nothing less.

From their website, they assert that no treat leaves their facility without thorough quality-assurance checks.

Of course, these sticks are ideal for dental health, and are 100% digestible. You should expect nothing less from them.

The other selling point of the stick is that it is high in protein and low in fat, another typical quality of bully sticks.

Looking deeper, the posted guaranteed analysis shows a minimum of 75% protein in each stick, which I found is around the industry average.

The crude fat, however, is claimed to be a maximum of 3.5%. This is lower than most bully sticks out there, and is a good option for dog who need to control their fat intake.

This is perfect for Yuna as she is currently on a special low fat kibble diet as part of her continuing recovery from acute pancreatitis four months ago.

Pancreatitis was not fun, but at least I get bully sticks now!

Though the fat content is low, remember that bully sticks still contain calories!

This article claims that a 6″ bully stick averages at around 88 calories a pop, which means you cannot just let your dog chew away at these.

Any Cons?

We’ve almost worked through the whole bag, and there have been no nagging cons that I’ve noticed in the product.

Please note that some users have expressed disappointment in the fact that these bully sticks caused stomach upsets in their pets.

Yuna’s stool and behavior before and after taking these bully sticks did not change, so I suppose this really just depends on the individual dog.

One small thing to point out is that these sticks claim to be “naturally odor-free,” but do not take that to mean completely odor-free.

Fresh out of the bag, they are indeed odor-free, but once your dog gets working on it, it’ll still have the same natural stink. Bully stick users know what I’m talking about.

This is normal. All bully sticks will have some stink associated with it, and you’ll probably have to get used to that as a pet owner with a dog that goes crazy over these things.

So unfortunately, if you leave these just lying around they will probably still stink up the room.


Given the general calorie information along with guaranteed analysis, I allow Yuna to chew a maximum of half a stick every day. She probably takes about 4″ to 6″ of bully stick every day I choose to give one to her.

Bully sticks are so yummy... a perfect birthday treat as well!

Normally, this will keep her occupied for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes while I go on with my day.

While chewing, she is completely focused on the stick. No interruptions. She is having a great time and I can take my focus off of her for a bit.

Depending on the size of your dog, definitely control portioning, just as you would with any other treat.

For reference, Yuna hovers around 60 lbs. She is a fully grown adult yellow Lab.

I’d say that a small dog (~20lbs or less) should eat no more than 3″ of a stick in one setting.

Medium sized dogs (~50 lbs) should eat no more than 6″.

Only the big boys should consider eating a full length 12″ stick!

Small and medium sized dogs can consider buying the 6″ version of the sticks instead. They could be easier to portion.

I chose to buy the longer 12″ sticks to give Yuna more surface area to hold the stick as she chews it.

I give Yuna a round of bully stick chewing every other day or so. Thus we expect a pack of 5 sticks to last us 3-4 weeks.


Ultimately, Yuna loves these bully sticks. At almost $30 for a 5-pack though, you should probably order at least a 10-pack to make them truly worth your money.

These bully sticks last long, but you should also help out with that. Control your dog’s access to bully sticks and make sure you are at least somewhat monitoring them as they chew away.

We will be buying a larger pack of these once Yuna finishes this one!

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