Happy Thanksgiving! Reasons To Be Thankful For Dogs

Yuna’s rescue story continues to be a driving factor as to why I continue to want to provide a better life for her each and every day, and why I want all dogs and dog owners to be happy.

November 22nd, 2018

This Thanksgiving, hopefully you’ve already had the chance to stop and reflect on the things you’re thankful for.

I’ve had Yuna for less than three months, so she’s a very new addition in my life. Compared to a seasoned dog-owner who’s used to a dog-filled life, I am not as far-removed from life before dogs.

Thus, perhaps the reasons I have to be thankful for my dog are more pronounced. Our lives have both gone through huge transformations this year.

Yuna will critique all the food. She'll say it's all good.

These are my top reasons for being thankful for Yuna, and the top reasons any dog owner should be thankful for their pup.

Dogs Make You Smile.

Dogs do the funkiest, cutest things. They’ll roll around in the grass or the carpet for no apparent reason. They make funny faces, sneeze when playing with us, suddenly get the zoomies, and are just all around weird. And we love it!

Perhaps most importantly, we smile when we return home after a long day and are met with a warm doggy welcome, complete with a wagging tail. They are such loyal companions.

Dogs Are Natural Heaters.

Yuna’s always liked to be on the bed with me at night. We squeeze on a twin-sized bed. Previously, she’s probably gotten too warm and I found that she usually leapt off the bed in the middle of the night to sleep somewhere on her own.

So far, every day in November she’s opted to stay on the bed the whole night. She can feel it getting chillier too.

It’s great. I haven’t had to turn on the heater in my room once yet despite the temperatures getting awfully close to freezing at night. A Labrador can keep you warm all night.

Dogs Get You Outside.

Paws up!

You now have a good reason to step outside every day. So few people go out nowadays just “for a walk.” With a dog, you won’t have a choice!

This has been especially important for me while working long hours in the office or at home. Knowing that Yuna needs a potty break or a walk forces me to pause my own work and take some much needed fresh air outside.

Dogs Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle.

In addition to getting you outside, they can completely re-shape your schedule. In particular, sleeping in becomes a luxury because you likely need to let your dog out to potty after a long night.

After getting Yuna, I’ve been waking up earlier and sleeping earlier as well. Part of that also has to do with me wanting to catch the sunrise on weekends, since lighting is the best at that time for photography. Also, because sunlight in Seattle is rare in general.

Dogs Teach You Responsibility.

Gone are the days where you could just plan a full day out of activities. Also gone are the days you could sprawl out on the couch for hours and hours gaming or binging shows.

Dogs need your love and attention to be at their best. At the very least, you need to continue to provide food, water and exercise, but no dog is going to be happy with just those necessities.

You are directly responsible for the well-being of your dog, and how your dog behaves in public. Being able to fully own responsibilities is a big lesson everyone needs to learn, and a dog provides more than ample opportunities to learn.

Dogs Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Community.

You could live your life petting other people’s dogs, but you’ll never truly become part of the dog community until you own one.

Particularly in Seattle, where dogs are especially popular, you meet so many new dogs and dog owners during walks and hikes. You get to see the unique quirks of each individual dog, and garner useful tips from veteran dog-owners.

You start to feel humbled by how much others preach consistency and dedication in caring for their dogs, and you strive to do better for your dog as well.

And dogs on social media is yet another beast. The amount of effort dog bloggers and creators spend to produce the most quality content really has me blown away a lot of the time. It’s all inspired me to keep up with those efforts and give it my best as well.

Dogs Open Your Eyes To A Crazy World.

I will never get over the fact that Yuna was essentially awaiting slaughter.

Never had I known there were still tens of thousands of dogs around the world still being treated inhumanely just to quench human amusement.

Whenever I think about it, I get filled with rage. And yet, if I hadn’t found Yuna, I’d probably still be blind to issues like these.

Yuna’s rescue story continues to be a driving factor as to why I continue to want to provide a better life for her each and every day, and why I want all dogs and dog owners to be happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All in all, Yuna completely changed my lifestyle and revealed so much about this world I never knew about before adopting her.

The Seattle City Skyline behind Yuna.

I’ve able to get out of my comfort zone and explore new hobbies I’ve always considered interesting, such as blogging and photography. She gives me natural topics to write and capture every day.

We hope you take a moment to reflect on the ways you are thankful for your dog. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

More great moments will be shared on Yuna’s Instagram!

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