Classic Mickey Mouse Pants Dog Bandana by Disney Tails

One thing is for certain–this bandana will make your dog stand out. The colors are bright and bold, and really demands attention.

September 15th, 2019

The Disney Tails Mickey Mouse dog bandana collection features three awesome bandanas. Last time, we showed the Mickey Mouse checkerboard collar and bandana killer combo.

Here’s the second of the set–the classic Mickey Mouse Pants dog bandana.

A dog smiling, trying to imitate a Piranha Plant.
How is my Piranha Plant impression?

The Components

This Disney dog outfit is even simpler than the previous one–it’s literally just one bandana.

That’s all it takes for Yuna to look cute! Gotta love dog fashion.

A dog perching her ears up, looking concerned.

Mickey Mouse Pants Dog Bandana

As with the previous outfit, the bandana featured here is actually part of set of three bandanas from Disney Tails, all Mickey Mouse themed.

Here are Mickey’s classic red pants–in bandana form!

A dog looking back towards her owner while admiring the beach view.

Like all the others in the set, a collar will fit through this bandana so no knots are necessary.

Since Disney Tails doesn’t offer a matching collar to go with this bandana, we just used the checkerboard Mickey collar from last time.

The bandana comes in only one size. It is 13’’ in length, which will accommodate most dogs but are best suited for medium sized dogs.

According to shopDisney’s online listing, the bandana “fits 16’’ to 26’’ adjustable collar.”

A dog posing in front of a beautiful water fountain.

Bright Colors

Disney chose to make Mickey’s classic pants red. According to opinions much more official than mine, primary red works well with yellow, white, tawny-orange, green, blue and black.

Ignoring the fact that they pretty much listed every color, we’re in luck here! The colors on this bandana tend to go well with fur colors of most dogs out there.

One thing is for certain–this bandana will make your dog stand out. The colors are bright and bold, and really demands attention.

A dog laying down at the beach, paws crossed.

I think the bright colors pair well with sunny days. I’m glad we took this outfit out for a spin while Seattle still offered its sunlight to us!

Photo Gallery

Check out where we’ve repped this classic Mickey look!

Get the bandana for your dog!

Bandana Set: shopDisney link


It’s been magical exploring the PNW while spreading Disney.

Next time, we’ll round out this Mickey set by showing off the final bandana.

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