Boiled Ground Turkey For Dogs Recipe (Thanksgiving Theme!)

July 15th, 2020

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A real close-up picture of a dog looking super happy in front of a beautiful lake.

Table of Contents

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Is it too early for Thanksgiving? Never… when it comes to Thanksgiving themed food recipes!

Ground turkey is a great choice of protein for dogs. It’s pretty similar to ground beef, but it contains even more protein and less fat per serving, even compared to our 93% lean ground beef choice in our other recipe.

We’ll add a couple of other Thanksgiving themed staples to this recipe with some potatoes and green beans.

While historically safe for dogs to eat when cooked, potatoes may be considered a controversial ingredient here. Sources online will disagree over this, but note that there was a warning issued in July 2018 saying that potatoes may not be appropriate for a dog’s diet, because they could cause canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

In general, potatoes are safe, provided you don’t go overboard with them.

Do also note that we advise against feeding your dog potatoes if they have diabetes. They can cause blood sugar spikes.

Also, never feed your dog raw potatoes. Make sure they are fully cooked before serving.

With that out of the way, here’s our recipe.

Boiled Ground Turkey, Potatoes, and Green Beans For Dogs - Recipe

We are using lean ground turkey in this recipe. As for beef, we always recommend using leaner meats for dogs.

A title infographic showing a delicious bowl of food for dogs with boiled ground turkey, potatoes, and green beans.
A beautiful snoot if I've ever seen one!

Regarding Portioning

For today’s recipe, we base portions off a daily intake of 1,000 calories, which is around what Yuna consumes in a day as a 58 pound Lab.

Since we feed her twice a day, each meal contains approximately 500 calories.

This means that if you follow this recipe word for word, everything in your dog’s bowl at the end will equal about 500 calories.

However, Yuna’s got her own sensitive tummy issues, we like to keep half her bowl dedicated to her special Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat kibble, which has been instrumental in helping her through her pancreatitis.

READ: Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat Review

That’s why Yuna’s bowl will be half kibble (~250 kCal), half home-cooked (~250 kCal) .

In the ingredients list below, we include 250 kCal of a commercial diet as an ingredient. Should you choose to go 100% home cooked, you can simply double the mandatory ingredients and scratch the kibble.

Scale this up or down proportionately depending on your dog’s typical calorie intake!

A dog about to chomp on a glazed donut with bacon on it!
Omg it smells so good... (Yuna didn't actually get to eat it)

Ingredients (per 500 calorie meal)

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The following makes 4 meals, so you can immediately serve your dog one portion and pack three more portions for later.

1. Ground Turkey

Remember, we’re using lean ground turkey. We are able to get such ground turkey by the pound.

Add the ground turkey into a pot of boiling water. While it cooks, you can use a spatula to separate the ground turkey so that it doesn’t get all stuck together.

When all the meat turns grayish brown, drain and set aside. You may want to continue separating any larger pieces of meat, depending on what your dog can chew!

2. Potatoes

One large potato is enough for 3 or even 4 servings of this recipe (you could also use smaller Yukon gold potatoes if you like).

Toss your potato into a pot of boiling water. Potatoes will take a while to cook; allow about 20-25 minutes to cook and soften.

After cooking, set aside and allow to cool for a bit before mashing away at it (with a spoon or fork). If it’s still really hard to mash, you’ll need to cook the potatoes longer.

3. Green Beans

I chopped up about 2 cups (~200g) of green beans into appropriate sizes and washed them.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and toss in the green beans. Boil for about 3-4 minutes to maintain firmness and crunchiness while cooking them thoroughly.

Cook slightly longer for softer beans.


  • Kibble: ⅔ cup + 1tbsp Hill’s Prescription i/D Low Fat (~245 kCal)
  • Ground Turkey, lean: 4oz (~170 kCal)
  • Potatoes, mashed: ½ cup (~70 kCal)
  • Green Beans: ½ cup (~15 kCal)
  • [Optional] 1 Egg (~78 kCal)
  • [Optional] Parsley, small sprinkle for garnish & fresh breath (~0 kCal)

And that’s it! Boiled ground turkey, potatoes, and green beans–now all that’s left is for your dogs to feast away.

An infographic showing all ingredients and calorie content in a bowl of boiled ground turkey, potatoes, and green beans for dogs.
Mm... that looks scrumptious...

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  1. MHV

    Potatoes are not a good choice for dogs.

    1. Alexander

      Hey there! You’re right that potatoes probably shouldn’t be a huge part of a dog’s diet. However, cooked potatoes in reasonable portions, as in this recipe, are fine for dogs. Be sure to cook them thoroughly and mash them up. We don’t advise feeding raw potato or leaving them as chunks.

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