Your dog gets dirty. Keep them clean.

The Beginner’s Guide To Grooming And Cleaning Your Dog

No matter what the season, there’s always one thing you can trust: your dog’s ability to get dirty. Always make sure you are grooming and cleaning your dog on a regular basis! As a first time dog owner, I was not sure exactly what “grooming and cleaning” entailed. This article aims to outline the main grooming duties you need to pay attention to with your dog.

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Kennels & Kats – Pet Grooming Glove Product Review

Even though I only have a Lab (and Yuna is not a big shedder by any stretch of the imagination), finding pet hair scattered all over the house is not fun. Today, we review the Kennels & Kats Pet Grooming Glove set, a very special set containing high-quality grooming gloves and a bonus bath brush.

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