Yuna has been Lab-testing a bunch of dog products!

Yuna is always a willing test subject for new dog products!

In all our reviews, we aim to be complete, honest, and transparent. We give each product a thorough evaluation over repeated and prolonged use before publishing a review. 

Any and all business relationships, as well as affiliate links to the products, will be explicitly noted in our reviews. 


Taking Yuna on a hike and showing off her TaoTronics retractable dog leash.

TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash Review – Good Or Bad?

Simply searching on Google and Amazon for “retractable dog leash” was like getting hit by a wrecking ball of advertisements and information. But this leash was lauded by Amazon reviewers and many other doggy-dedicated sites. Read on for our detailed review and final verdict on this retractable dog leash.

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Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl Product Review

Eating too quickly can be harmful for your dog. They could choke on their food or end up regurgitating their entire meal. In addition, eating quickly has been linked to obesity issues as well as canine bloat. Luckily, there is an easy way to slow down your dog’s eating: Outward Hound’s Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl.

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jack & pup 12″ Bully Sticks Product Review

From day one, I figured out pretty quickly Yuna was into bully sticks. Since she’s a rescue from Korea, she may or may not have had the opportunity to ever have a bully stick in her life. We’ve tried out a handful of different bully stick brands, unable to commit to a single one. Ultimately, I decided to give this 5 pack of jack & pup 12″ Bully Sticks a go.

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