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A dog standing on a blacktop road, looking off into the distance.

Is It Too Hot To Walk My Dog?

While dogs are very good at many things (like eating, sniffing, barking…), handling the heat is not one of them. If it’s hot outside, it’s important to gauge whether it’s a good idea to take that walk right now.

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A dog sitting in front of the evening sun, admiring the sunset.

Mast Cell Tumors In Dogs: How Concerning Are They?

We had our scare when Yuna was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor about a month ago, in mid-October of 2019. Now that we’ve had time to digest everything, we’ll go over a quick overview of what mast cell tumors are, what you can do about it, and whether or not you should be concerned.

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A closeup of a dog showing off her shiny puppy dog eyes.

Why Is My Dog Scooting?

“Scooting” is when your dog drags its anus along the floor. It’s a funny name and even funnier behavior. To the inexperienced dog owner, scooting may look like silly and random. But it’s often a sign of an underlying problem.

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