All the blog posts we’ve ever written (say what?!), in reverse chronological order. Warning: cuteness and dog tips overload!!

A dog standing on a blacktop road, looking off into the distance.

Is It Too Hot To Walk My Dog?

While dogs are very good at many things (like eating, sniffing, barking…), handling the heat is not one of them. If it’s hot outside, it’s important to gauge whether it’s a good idea to take that walk right now.

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A dog winking in front of some beautiful snow-capped mountains.

One Dog-Friendly Day In Leavenworth

This is our second winter in the Pacific Northwest, and we couldn’t let another go by without a visit to Leavenworth. Our trip wasn’t long–just shy of 24 hours. Here are some of our dog-friendly must-sees!

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A dog wearing a Mickey Mouse costume, looking back toward her owner while standing by the edge of a pool

Mickey Mouse Dog Harness By Disney Tails

This outfit is a must for Mickey lovers. Personally, I feel it’s also a lot less conspicuous than the Minnie set we introduced previously. Join us on this magic carpet ride through the places we took Yuna with this outfit!

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